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The ZMC Elecon online product search utility will be availible to use soon.

This will allow for easy searching of products from the ZMC catalogue. Giving you the ability to search by item description, stock code, dimensions and materials.

ZMC Catalogues

The full range of ZMC catalogues are available down the right hand side of this page.

Special Conveyor Chains

As well as supplying a vast range of standard conveyor chains, ZMC Elecon has a strong manufacturing arm, based in Burton-on-Trent in the UK.

Covering industries such as theme park rides and rollercoasters, waste management and recycling, quarrying and heavy materials handling to name just a few.


In addition to conveyor chain, we manufacture both steel and cast iron sprockets. We stock sprockets manufactured to a wide range of standard and bespoke specifications.

ZMC Product Catalogues

1. Engineering Data

2. Non Standard Metric Pitch Conveyor Chains

3. British Standard Conveyor Chains, BS 4115 (Z Series)

4. Metric Conveyor Chains, ISO 1977 - DIN 8167 (M Series)

5. Metric Conveyor Chains, DIN 8165 (C Series)

6. ANSI Standard Conveyor Chains

Our Mission...

"Using industry knowledge, manufacturing expertise and the latest in
technology we aim to deliver to our customers suitable, high quality
and on time solutions whilst always providing value for money."

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