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About Us

The Company

ZMC Elecon Limited is a leading UK based manufacturer and distributor of conveyor chains. Our activities are split across two areas: the UK based manufacturing of specialised conveyor chains and sprockets for a wide array of industries and serving as the sole UK distributor of ZMC Italy’s product range. Both of these areas are supported by a solid technical understanding of the products and a wealth of knowledge and experience of the conveyor chain business.

The ZMC Connection

As a subsidiary of ZMC Italia S.p.A, ZMC Elecon Ltd maintains a very close and connected relationship with its parent company. The Italian based manufacturer is globally recognised as one of the most advanced conveyor chain producers in the world. Registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, they are committed to quality European manufacturing at their modern facility in the industrial heartland of Northern Italy.

The product range of standard catalogued conveyor chains and specially engineered industry specific products are subject to a programme of continual development and improvement, increasing quality and service while keeping costs down.

Our ability to utilise ZMC’s strong workforce and advanced manufacturing capabilities further enhances our own capacity to supply our customers with high quality conveyor chain products within competitive timeframes while maintaining high value for money.

The Products

ZMC Elecon provides high quality conveyor chains. Our specialised conveyor chains are manufactured at our factory in Burton-upon-Trent, allowing us complete control over the quality of the products we supply.

This gives our customers the confidence that comes with knowing that the company who sold them the conveyor chain also manufactured it, assuring that the product is fit for purpose and will perform well throughout its lifetime.

We share our values with our parent company ZMC Italia S.p.A, whose design and manufacturing operations are subject to a continual process of evaluation and improvement.

Our Mission...

"Using industry knowledge, manufacturing expertise and the latest in
technology we aim to deliver to our customers suitable, high quality
and on time solutions whilst always providing value for money."

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